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Maintenance of engineering systems is the basis of uninterrupted operation of any of the property. Regular maintenance reduces the costs of property maintenance, extends the object’s durability and reduces the negative impact of potential accidents and emergency situations. We can provide service maintenance for all types of equipment and engineering systems installed in a modern building. Our staff consists of experts in different areas ready to solve both scheduled and non-standard tasks in operational mode

Mobile teams

Mobile teams are able to:

  • Solve an accident at the facility,
  • Perform preventive maintenance,
  • Implement equipment repairs
  • Perform an on-site service

Our experts are always equipped with special clothing, tools and equipment. You can request an e-mail or just call to company's dispatching service.

Technical audit of engineering systems

Our company can offer you technical audit of engineering systems. Audit allows you to make an objective assessment of technical condition of the equipment, to define the amortization rate and to get recommendations for planned preventive work. So you can be sure in correct functioning of all the equipment and engineering systems.

Maintenance of non-industrial facilities

We offer maintenance of non-industrial facilities. This solution is perfect for those who require maintenance of office buildings, shops and other premises.

Industrial cleaning

In our work we use a professional approach to the cleaning of industrial premises. For this kind of work we use different types of specialized equipment.

In addition, we can offer you a full range of cleaning services (link to site cleaning).

Purchase organizing and supply of spares
Company Eco Service offers the following services:
  • Search of Spares
  • Price Monitoring
  • Delivery to the site
  • Ability to work without prepayment.
Thermovision diagnostics

Thermovision Diagnostics - this is one of the most universal tools of energy audits. There are all the necessary equipment at our disposal for these types of jobs.

Providing the customer's interests in the regulatory authorities.

Our experts make contract administration as well as ensure compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities.


The use of advanced technology optimizes object’s management processes. We will provide a flexible approach to automation tasks in each case and professionally implement an automate system to your facility. We also offer special cases of automation, such as dispatching of engineering systems.

Energy Audit

Energy audit is an important part of activities for the maintenance of buildings. Energy diagnostics allows more efficient use of existing resources and reduce unnecessary costs for consumption of energy, water, gas and other fuels.

General construction and industrial works
Our company provides the following services:
  • Acting as the general contractor
  • Fabrication and installation of steel structures
  • Design and construction of the entire complex engineering systems
  • Installation of the process equipment, production pipelines and more.

Our team produces an equipment accounting: detects its technical level, the statement, operational and the general parameters and determines ways for its modernization, maintenance and rational use in the production process.

All collected information is transferred to the customer in the form of technical passports for all types of equipment.

Wire and Cable fault location

Fault location of cables and wires will not require any extra effort anymore. Thanks to special technologies our team quickly detects and eliminates any problem.

Checking, acceptance and performance testing in electrical systems up to 1000V.

Tests are conducted to determine compliance with the parameters of electrical networks (electrical) design and standard documentation.

Acceptance tests are performed after the electrical work. A technical report is included with the admission acceptance documentation electrical commissioning.

Performance tests include insulation testing, earthing and grounding devices, the availability of the connection between a grounded electrical installation and electrical ground element, action tripping circuit breakers, tripping circuit breakers, etc. Performance is controlled by regulatory authorities (Rostekhnadzor, Fire inspection, SES).

Control tests are conducted in order to prevent accidents, fire, electrical wiring to detect defective or not in accordance with rules and regulations electrical equipment.